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Symposium: Future Directions for Pedagogical Agent Research

Sat, April 14, 2:15 to 3:45pm, Millennium Broadway New York Times Square, Floor: Sixth Floor, Room 6.01

Session Type: Symposium


After 20 years of research, there is now an extensive research literature on the design and effectiveness of pedagogical agents, i.e., animated anthropomorphic interface agents in support of learning. The field has expanded its scope from the provision of expert guidance through intelligent agent-based systems to a broader interest in agents’ social and affective capabilities to support learners.

Please join us in this interactive symposium, where leaders in pedagogical agent research will discuss future directions for pedagogical agent research, current technological challenges, practical implications for the classroom, and the unique affordances and limitations of agents for learning-related outcomes.

Each panelist will present a brief 8-10 min “flash talk,” followed by an interactive discussion and debate among panelists and the audience.

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