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Building Equitable, High-Quality Public Education Systems in the 21st Century: Lessons From Leading Countries

Tue, April 17, 10:35am to 12:05pm, New York Hilton Midtown, Floor: Second Floor, Regent Parlor

Session Type: Symposium


This session builds on previous groundbreaking research exploring how public education systems in countries around the world are educating all their students to high standards, regardless of race or social class, and preparing them to be engaged citizens and active participants in a 21st century economy. The session addresses questions like: How have top-performing nations gotten so far ahead of the United States, and what can we learn from them? How do specific elements of public education systems in these countries – early childhood education and teacher quality – contribute to achievement, enable students to compete in a globalized economy and thrive in a changing world, and do it at a lower cost than in the United States?

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