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Advocating for Equity Through Teaching, Research, and Service: Social Justice Scholars Offer Mentorship on How It’s Done

Mon, April 16, 10:35am to 12:05pm, Park Central Hotel New York, Floor: Mezzanine Level, Manhattan A Room

Session Type: Invited Speaker Session


Given the current political and social climate in which we live, engaging in social justice work as a faculty member in the field of education is more critical than ever before. While rewarding, this work is not always easy, acknowledged, or supported in academia. This interactive mentoring session is geared towards faculty who want to gain insights from senior scholars on how to successfully navigate academia while also pursuing a social justice research agenda and/or engaging in scholar activism through their teaching, research, and service. The session will focus on exploring critical questions. This session is sponsored by the Division A Equity, Inclusion and Action Committee.

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