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Poster #52 - Principals' Quality of Relationships and Occupational Commitment: The Mediating Role of Autonomous and Controlled Motivation

Mon, April 8, 12:20 to 1:50pm, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Floor: 300 Level, Hall C


Building on self-determination theory, this study examines the mediating role of work motivation for school principals between quality of interpersonal relationships (QIR) with three referents (educational managers, school personnel and students) and three mindsets of occupational commitment (affective-AC, normative-NC and continuance-CC). The sample comprises 247 school principals from Quebec (Canada). The SEM results reveal that autonomous and controlled motivations play a mediating role between QIR and occupational commitment. More specifically, 1) QIR with educational managers predicts AC and NC through autonomous motivation; 2) QIR with school personnel predicts NC and CC through controlled motivation; and 3) QIR with students predicts AC and NC through autonomous motivation. The theoretical and practical implications of this study will be addressed throughout the presentation.