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Affective (An)Archive as Method

Sun, April 7, 3:40 to 5:10pm, Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, Floor: Lower Concourse, Osgoode Ballroom


This paper explores the “concept as method” (St. Pierre, 2014, p. 7) of affective (an)archives in educational research. While an affective archive is the physical stuff of a repository (i.e., the data, documentation, texts, feelings, etc.), the process of engaging with said matter is the anarchive. The archive and anarchive work in tandem, each requiring the other. The affective (an)archives studied in this paper include the affective intensities that arise for teacher-activists participating in public political activism as well as the affects that animate the moments of emotional crisis experienced by student teachers in a social justice-oriented teacher education program. We contend that the concept of the affective (an)archive can provide new ways of thinking about educational research.