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Professional Learning Communities, Teacher Collective Efficacy, and Teaching Outcomes: A Replication

Sat, April 6, 4:10 to 5:40pm, Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, Floor: Lower Concourse, Grand Centre


Professional learning communities (PLCs) and teacher collaborative teams are one of the most prevalent mechanisms for school reform. Voelkel and Chrispeels (2017) contributed to what is known about the relationship between PLC team behaviors and teacher collective efficacy, positing that such relationships would in turn relate to important outcomes (which they did not measure). This paper replicates and extends their study, presenting models that relate PLC behavior, collective efficacy, and three outcomes: teacher satisfaction, commitment, and changes in teaching behavior. We find support for their work, and also that different predictors significantly relate to different outcomes, with the least explanatory power in relation to changes in teaching behavior. The importance of collective goals is noteworthy.


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