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How Do Equity Policies Succeed? Investigating the Micro-Politics of Dual Language Implementation

Mon, April 8, 10:25 to 11:55am, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Floor: 200 Level, Room 202C


While educators look to equity-policies to transform biased school practices, studies suggest that policies often fail when conflicts, such as competition for resources and resistance from parents, emerge during implementation. This qualitative comparative case study uses a dual language immersion policy to investigate how implementers navigate this contested terrain. Drawing on micro-politics and Strategic Action Fields theories, the study analyzes implementation conflicts in four grade-level teams at two schools in a single district. Findings show that negotiations produced a spectrum of successful implementation outcomes, from short-term understandings to enduring agreements built on shared logics and values. This study contributes to existing literature by highlighting how conflict negotiations present an opportunity to support equity-policy implementation.