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Invisible Houses: An Auto(Ethno)graphic Search for Home

Mon, April 8, 8:00 to 9:30am, Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, Floor: Lower Concourse, Grand Centre


This paper seeks to access the artistic home that we each carry, and cannot show. The student, teacher, or researcher, each carries this home with them. Rarely do we invite the home into research and narrative spaces. This paper seeks to break this divide by providing one visual journey of home for one researcher/teacher. Linda Christensen, in her touching article Mapping Childhood: How Our Stories Build Community, offers an impetus for home in the classroom: “snapshots from students’ lives build classroom community and connect their home worlds to the curriculum” (2017, p.33). Still we are left with divisions and inequities. An artistic wandering through the term "home" provides a multi-modal beginning for this important classroom journey.