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Pedagogical Organizing Principles: Coherence in School Logics

Sat, April 6, 4:10 to 5:40pm, Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, Floor: Lower Concourse, Grand Centre


This paper presents an institutional analysis of a new graduate school of education (nGSE) that is relocated from the university. It examines micro processes in organizations (Hallett, 2010; Marz, et al, 2016) to understand novel forms of coupling and organizational logics that are emerging from new types of schools (Blaschke, et al, 2014). The research shows how this nGSE developed a core logic of constructivism, comprised of three principles tied to specific, formal structures and producing a tightly-coupled, coherent school that is not predicated on tight hierarchies, which differs from previous research on coupling (Bridwell-Mitchell, 2013; Meyer & Rowan, 2006). Schools can use this case to inform new ways of building strong, ending, and empowering cultures for educators and students.


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