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Research Use in a Political Ecology of Games: Cross-Case Analysis of Los Angeles and Auckland

Mon, April 8, 2:15 to 3:45pm, Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Floor: Mezzanine Level, Confederation 6


This paper proposes a conceptualization of intermediary organizations (IO) as policy actors and applies the conceptualization to a comparative case study of IOs in Los Angeles, USA and Auckland, NZ. IOs across the globe are shaping what is research evidence. They use their privileged position to influence the policymaking process by producing, interpreting, and disseminating research evidence to shape policy agendas. Thus, understanding how they define and use evidence and how environmental factors influence their definition and use is needed to build and refine theories of the policymaking process. The findings in this paper advance the ecology of games as a useful theoretical perspective to understand the rising prominence of education IOs as quasi-policymakers.


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