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Dakhká Khwáan Dancers

Fri, April 5, 6:45 to 8:30pm, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Floor: 100 Level, John W.H. Bassett Theater - Room 102


The Dakhká Khwáan Dancers, are a National Award winning Inland Tlingit dance group based out of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. They focus on reclaiming their languages and traditional values through their inherent art form of singing, drumming, dancing, and storytelling. They are committed to participating in cultural and revitalization events in Indigenous communities to support the reclamation of their own ceremonies and ways. They strive to present their performance with the utmost respect to cultural protocol and with the highest form of artistic integrity. Since forming in the community of Carcross in 2007, they have grown from 6 to 30 members and added a children’s group, the Dakhká Khwaán Jrs. Members of the group originate from all of the Interior Tlingit Nations as well as other welcomed Nations from the Southern Yukon and elsewhere.
Dakhká Khwáan means Inland People/Nation, a name given to them by the late Dakla'weidi elder, Mrs. Eliza Bosely. They are members of the Dakla’weidi, Yan Yedi, Ganaxteidi, Deisheetaan, Ishkihittaan, Kookhittaan, Lukaax.ádi and Wolf Clans. The group is led by Marilyn Jensen, who has danced since she was 2 years old in the group her Late Mother started in the 1970s, The Skookum Jim/Keish Tlingit Dancers. In addition, they are advised and guided by their loving group Elders and through the knowledge passed on from their Ancestors. Members of the group are the descendants of renowned Yukon Indigenous Elders, and they share a passion for expressing their identity through the arts and absolutely love to sing, drum, learn language, make regalia and dance


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