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77.038 - Discourse in the Digital World: Design and Facilitation of Online Teacher Professional Development

Tue, April 9, 10:25 to 11:55am, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Floor: 700 Level, Room 715A

Session Type: Symposium


This symposium draws together scholarship across multiple institutions, theoretical traditions and methodological approaches to address the design of teacher professional development in the online space. Collectively, our papers take up the question, How can we build and sustain professional learning communities using digital tools? We draw on empirical data from four virtual professional learning settings for K-12 science and mathematics teachers, considering the affordances and constraints of various design features for fostering deep engagement with content and substantive discussion among participants. Together, the presentations consider a range of participation structures, tools, and features of dialogue to push forward the conversation about facets of design for productive teacher learning environments in the digital age.

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