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31.066 - Patterns of Preschool Enrollment Across Diverse Localities: Results From the Early Learning Research Network

Sat, April 6, 12:20 to 1:50pm, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Floor: 200 Level, Room 205A

Session Type: Symposium


Although there is a substantial literature examining the effects of center-based preschool on children’s school readiness skills, less is known about the characteristics of children who do not enroll in center-based preschool across different contexts. The proposed session draws on data from five localities (Boston, Ohio, Nebraska, northern Virginia, and North Carolina) – all participating in the IES-funded Early Learning Research Network – and compares the characteristics and kindergarten readiness skills of children who do and do not enroll in center-based preschool. Results across the studies reveal diversity in findings with respect to the demographic make-up of the attender and non-attender groups, and the magnitude of the preschool effects on children's skills. A discussant will synthesize findings and discuss implications.

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