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1 - Gender Inequality in Achievement, Self-Efficacy, and Classroom Interactions in U.S. Education

Sun, April 7, 11:50am to 1:20pm, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Floor: 200 Level, Room 201B

Session Type: Symposium


This symposium brings together four papers that expand the understanding of gender inequality in education. The papers link gender differences in achievement, self-efficacy, and classroom interactions with various home, school, and neighborhood factors using a diverse set of methodological approaches, ranging from text-as-data methods to structural equality modeling and multilevel modeling. Implications of evidence provided concern all grade levels spanning from kindergarten to postsecondary in large-scale educational settings. The aim of the symposium is to present empirical research on the differential experiences of males and females in educational settings and to offer space for discussion on gender-inclusive environments that allow for educational success for all students.

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