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51.034 - STEM and Literacy Education: Critiquing What Counts as Knowledge From the Perspectives of Black Youth

Sun, April 7, 3:40 to 5:10pm, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Floor: 700 Level, Room 706

Session Type: Symposium


Measures of ability are constituted by definitions of what counts as knowledge. Dominant views of education relying on narrow definitions of literacy across English and STEM fields, discount students’ experiences of schooling as evidence of the (in)effectiveness of these curricular approaches. Crucial to those traditionally underserved (namely Black girls/youth) this symposium centers the voices of students, using intersectional research frameworks. Our findings reveal constraining definitions of curricular knowledge across English and STEM education classrooms at the elementary and secondary levels. This symposium reconceptualizes curriculum and instruction as not simply learning to be "competent," but creating opportunities for equitable transactions where the knowledge, epistemologies, interests, and literary and scientific identities of Black youth are recognized, activated, and developed.

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