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18.059-5 - Beyond "Gap-Gazing": Research-Practice Partnerships for Racial Equity in Education

Fri, April 5, 2:25 to 3:55pm, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Floor: 800 Level, Hall F

Session Type: Roundtable Session


Research has documented pervasive racial disparities in education, often in tandem with other marginalized identities, and evidenced in outcomes such as discipline, learning opportunities, achievement and graduation (Fergus & Noguera, 2011). Rather than only documenting inequities and the forms in which they operate, scholars call for research to intervene in inequities and transform systems to foster greater equity (Carter & Reardon, 2014). Research-practice partnerships (RPPs) between researchers, educators, and communities represent a promising strategy for addressing this imperative, yet few RPPs center racial inequities in systems change. This symposium offers insights from racial equity-focused RPPs that move beyond “gap-gazing” towards research and collective action to disrupt the mechanisms that result in inequitable outcomes for minoritized youth in US education.

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