Session Summary

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51.060 - Learning to Improve Professional Development for Distributed Leadership in Chile's Public School Sector

Sun, April 7, 3:40 to 5:10pm, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Floor: 800 Level, Room 802A

Session Type: Symposium


This symposium addresses the design of professional development based on the challenges and opportunities confronted when developing leadership capacities across different levels of Chile’s public education system: within schools, among schools and with district leaders. Public schools serve a large proportion of low-income students within Chile's highly segregated educational system. Over three years, leaders have participated in programs designed following Kolb’s experiential learning model. Each professional development course lasts 8 months and is oriented by the following principles: situated learning, collaboration, distributed leadership, systemic coherence, alignment with policy, and contextualization. The discussant will address lessons that can be extracted from these profesional development challenges and opportunities.

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