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Grit and Burnout Among Chinese High School Students

Sat, April 18, 12:25 to 1:55pm, Virtual Room


The present study aimed to explore grit in the context of the demands-resources model of school burnout in a Chinese sample. We conducted a self-report study with N=1527 high school students in Shanghai, China (Mage=16.38 years, SD=1.04). The results of structural equation modeling showed that perceived academic demands were positively related to exhaustion and negatively related to schoolwork engagement. Both facets of grit (consistency of interests, perseverance of effort) were negatively related to exhaustion. Perseverant grit was positively related to schoolwork engagement, in turn, engagement positively related to academic achievement and life satisfaction. In summary, this study highlights the important role of grit in the dual process of burnout. However, no presumed interactions between demands and grit were found.