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Developing Critical Literacy Practices: A Case Study in Elementary Teacher Education

Mon, April 20, 4:05 to 5:35pm, Virtual Room


Using Lewison, Leland and Harste’s (2014) Instructional Model for Critical Literacy, this case study examines how elementary teacher candidates planned, taught and reflected on a clinical placement critical literacy lesson. Data include candidates’ lesson plans, videorecorded lessons, reflections, and surveys. Findings from qualitative analysis suggest: 1) most candidates designed lessons prompting students to disrupt the commonplace and take on multiple viewpoints; while fewer addressed focusing on the sociopolitical and taking action to promote social justice; 2) most candidates designed lessons for “generic” students rather than building on their students’ personal/cultural resources; 3) candidates struggled with talking to children about difficult social topics, particularly within the cultures of their clinical placement classrooms. Findings suggest critical implications for teacher education and scholarship.