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Peaceableness, Childhood Experience and Sociomoral Behavior

Sat, April 18, 10:35am to 12:05pm, Virtual Room


In two studies of a new measure of peaceableness (study 1: N = 199, study 2: N = 295,), we collected convergent variables of empathy, perspective taking, forgiveness, communal morality and divergent variables of Social Dominance Orientation, distrust, and vicious moral orientation. Utilizing a multiple indicators multiple causes model (MIMIC), peaceableness significantly predicted vicious behavior, more strongly than the expected outcomes of distrust and social dominance. Empathy and perspective taking were both significant outcomes of peaceableness with perspective taking, outperforming empathy. Lastly, we investigated possible developmental influences which could explain differences in adult peaceableness according to the Evolved Developmental Niche (EDN). In both studies, MIMIC models showed that early experience that conforms with the EDN significantly predicted peaceableness.