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"We Will Never Know!" Developing an Instrument to Assess Reflective Judgment in Medical Education

Fri, April 17, 2:15 to 3:45pm, Virtual Room


Epistemic Cognition is an important construct to address in professional education in order to understand how individuals handle ill-defined problems and to develop their respective competencies. Assessing epistemic cognition, however, has proven to be difficult. Against this background we developed a survey for epistemic cognition as outlined in the Reflective Judgment Model.
Our initial questionnaire comprised 31 items. Based on data from 313 first and 189 third year medical students we performed confirmatory and exploratory factor analyses. The latter yielded a three-factor solution including 24 items resembling the macrostructure of the Reflective Judgment Model. However, the internal consistency of the scales was rather low (.57 / .65 / .67) indicating that further effort is needed to improve the instrument.