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Examining the Effects of Gifted Classes on Mathematics and Reading/Language Arts Achievement

Tue, April 21, 12:25 to 1:55pm, Virtual Room


This mixed methods study examines the effects of gifted math and reading/language arts classes on the math and reading/language arts achievement of gifted and high achieving non-gifted students. Quantitative data are analyzed from students in 175 schools. Using propensity score analysis and multilevel matching, we assess the impact of providing increased gifted education in the academic content areas of math and reading/language arts on achievement. We find no detectable effects of gifted classes on either gifted or non-gifted high achieving students. Qualitative analyses of data from 15 site visits, 147 classroom observations, and 101 interviews within gifted and non-gifted classes reveal multiple constraints negotiated by specialists and teachers in a district with high-stakes accountability and a highly-structured curriculum.