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Immigrant and International College Students' Gaps: Academic and Sociocultural Readiness for Career and Graduate Education

Sun, April 19, 8:15 to 9:45am, Virtual Room


The increasing diversity of immigrant and international student groups presents challenges for American colleges and universities to become globally inclusive higher education institutions. This mixed-methods study is based on transformative education and asset model, thus challenging conventional deficit view. Using college completion with employment or graduate school enrollment records as an important barometer of educational and social equity, this study explores undergraduate students' readiness (gaps) in the areas of academic and sociocultural learning activities. Quantitative analysis of the national data, the Beginning Postsecondary Students (BPS) 2004-09 data, led to finding mixed patterns that present notable readiness gaps in terms of bachelors degree attainment, employment status, and graduate school enrollment. Qualitative analysis of interview cases offers additional insights into the gaps.