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"White Women With Glasses": An Ethnographic Look at Well-Meaning White Teachers Pursuing Equitable Classrooms

Tue, April 21, 12:25 to 1:55pm, Virtual Room


This study offers an ethnographic exploration of how white, equity-focused teachers are thinking about and grappling with “equity” as they make decisions in their racially diverse classrooms. Research suggests that these white teachers enter education with good intentions (Milner, 2012), but even the most good-intentioned white teachers hold deficit views and biases toward their students of color (Warren, 2015) and compassionate teachers who do not actively address inequities fail to create equitable classrooms (Gorski, 2018). The findings of this comparative case study expose several barriers to equity and suggest that even teachers well-versed in equity literature continue to grapple with internal biases and external barriers to equitable teaching.