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Who You Are, Is How You Teach: Teacher Educators' Professional Identity and Practice

Tue, April 21, 10:35am to 12:05pm, Virtual Room


Teacher educators (TE) are crucial for the professional development of teachers. However, they differ in the perception of their professional identity. This study therefore aims to investigate whether different roles of TE could be empirically identified, and how they relate to their professional characteristics and behavior in real teacher training. For this purpose, we conducted a paper-pencil survey with 70 TE to investigate associations between their professional role, professional characteristics (e.g., beliefs about teaching) and behavior (e.g., quality of training). Analyses revealed two different roles of TE within teacher training: facilitator and transmitter. We also found significant relationships between facilitator and both professional characteristics and quality of teacher training offered. The results provide hints for the professional development of TE.