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Developing Computational Thinking Assessments From Learning Trajectories: Design Approach and Preliminary Validity Evidence

Fri, April 17, 2:15 to 3:45pm, Virtual Room


Computational thinking (CT) assessment tasks were developed to assess students' CT knowledge, skills, and abilities. These tasks were developed from hypothesized learning trajectories for several CT topics (e.g., sequence, repetition). The tasks were administered to elementary students who were taught using an integrated math + CT curriculum. To evaluate the assessments we (1) analyzed student responses to one of the CT assessment instruments and (2) conducted a think-aloud protocol in which students responded to tasks sampled across all CT trajectories. Results suggested the tasks are appropriate for students with varying CT competencies, and also that students approach some of the CT assessment tasks as math tasks, emphasizing the final answer rather than listing out the steps in a computational logic.