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Responding to the "Trump Effect": Using Transformative Leadership and Critical Race Curriculum to Uplift One Middle School's Racialized Climate

Sun, April 19, 8:15 to 9:45am, Virtual Room


Since the election cycle of 2016, educators across America have reported an alarming increase of racialized incidents in schools, referred to as the “Trump Effect” (Costello, 2016). In response, this qualitative study investigated one predominantly white (PW) middle schools attempt to respond to the “Trump Effect” through the practices of ‘transformative leadership’ (Shields, 2018). Coalesced from a partnership with an administrator, teacher, and researcher, a social studies unit was taught with 27 sixth grade students utilizing the tenets of critical race curriculum (Yosso, 2002). Data collection for this study incorporated participant observation notes, student artifacts, and semi-structured interviews. The findings indicated that transformative leadership helped facilitate opportunities for students to act as agents of change within their own school community.