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The Role of Family and Motivation on the Academic Achievement of Latinx First-Generation College Students

Sun, April 19, 2:15 to 4:15pm, Virtual Room


There is a large proportion of First-generation (FG) college students that are of Latinx origin. Research has shown that parental involvement promotes positive academic outcomes, including facilitating aspirations for attending college, among FG Latinx students. Cultural mismatch theory posits that acknowledging students interdependent culture can lead to positive academic outcomes for FG students. The present study examines the link between family relationships, interdependent motives for attending college, and academic achievement for 82(60 female) Latinx FG students. For FG Latinas only, family closeness was positively related to interdependent motives, and interdependent motives were positively related to GPA. Institutions need to consider these intersectional identities (e.g., ethnicity, gender, etc.) to provide culturally relevant and meaningful support to diverse FG students.