Session Summary

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Critical Media Literacy, Eco-Pedagogy, and Hip-Hop Culture: Success and Challenges of Enacting Freirean Pedagogies in North American Schools

Mon, April 20, 12:25 to 1:55pm, Virtual Room

Session Type: Symposium


The purpose of this session is to capture whether specific pedagogies and curricula within North American K-12 schools have the power to foster collective consciousness or perpetuate conformity to the larger structures of power (Freire, 2005). The first presentation captures how middle school teachers positioned their students to produce media projects in order to challenge environmental injustice. The second and third presentations capture whether Hip-Hop culture counters the banking style of education or functions as a producer of critically conscious, humanizing education. The final presentation engages the environmental education curriculum in Ontario schools in order to unpack whether educators and youth are thinking critically about food security.

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