Session Summary

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Interest Convergence in a "Postracial" Policy Era: Expanding on Bell's Concept to Address the Resurgence of White Racial Backlash

Mon, April 20, 4:05 to 5:35pm, Virtual Room

Session Type: Roundtable Session


In this interactive symposium presenters look to Derrick Bell’s work to offer new insights and approaches to Bell’s seminal concept of Interest Convergence in a Trump-informed era of white racial backlash.. Authors present papers that build upon Bell’s thesis to question the rise of state sanctioned violence and dehumanization of people of color, the resurgence of pronounced colorblind racism alongside white backlash and the push towards race-neutral policy implementation. After the Session Chair introduction, the Moderator will facilitate discussion among the Discussant, panelists, and audience members to better understand the complexities of Bell’s theory while asking “what have the shifting times meant for Bell’s concept and its utility?”

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