Session Summary

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Eco-Critical Curriculum Philosophies: Radical Social and Environmental Justice Responses to Climate Change

Sun, April 19, 8:15 to 10:15am, Virtual Room

Session Type: Symposium


The panelists all share papers that focus on how as teacher educators and curriculum studies scholars they address the questions and issues that emerge from the complex intersections of social justice and sustainability exacerbated by climate change.  Each of the authors on this panel will respond in their papers to how their scholar-activist teaching speaks to the questions: 1.) How do we rethink assumptions in our work to consider collaboration and partnerships as an integral aspect of curriculum studies work responsive to climate change? 2.) What can we learn from ontologies, epistemologies, and methodologies existing in other critical frameworks and philosophies informing curriculum studies? 3.) What kind of future might we build together, and what differences might this difference make?

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