Session Summary

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Good, Hood, Bad, and Bougie: Complicating Conversations About Black Girlhoods Lived in Dark Places

Mon, April 20, 8:15 to 9:45am, Virtual Room

Session Type: Symposium


This symposium disrupts dominant constructions of Black girlhood as a singular category. Often framed by respectability discourses, these configurations position the prim, well-behaved (“good”), bourgeoisie (“bougie”) Black girl as the worthy ideal. Panelists qualitatively inquire into their curricula of wayward, space/place-based Black girlhoods, conveying nuanced knowledges borne of being Black, girl, Christian, and (from the) “hood,” or being Black suburban girls wedged between worthy and wayward. By foregrounding Black women's’ lived experiences of Black girlhoods, the symposium offers researchers and organizational stakeholders knowledge with which to complicate conversations about how curricula, pedagogies, policies, and/or programs might respond to the multitudes of subjectivities personified by Black girls, who can be “good,” “hood,” “bad,” “bougie,” and, and, and.

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