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Assessment Literacy: The Heart of Teacher Education

Mon, April 20, 4:05 to 6:05pm, Moscone Center, South Building, Upper Mezzanine, Room 153

Session Type: Invited Speaker Session


Many educators and educational researchers believe that large-scale standardized achievement tests are misused and abused, that they are the cause of the achievement gap, and that they do little to improve teaching and learning. The purpose of this session is not to refute these beliefs, but to sound an alarm bell for the need of teacher education programs to instill a deep conceptual assessment literacy in pre-service teachers. Participants will provide various perspectives as to why it is imperative for teachers to understand how to interpret and use evidence to make sound instructional decisions, create and utilize valid and reliable assessments to use in their classrooms, and evaluate the use of large-scale mandated tests, with respect to validity.

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