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Let's Talk Play! Language and Literacy Learning in Title I Kindergarten Classrooms

Thu, April 8, 1:00 to 2:00pm EDT (1:00 to 2:00pm EDT), Division C, Division C - Section 1a: Literacy Roundtable Sessions


This study explored the effects of pedagogical approaches on Title I kindergarten students’ receptive vocabulary to test the hypothesis that children, especially those from low socioeconomic backgrounds, will show greater gains in receptive vocabulary and academic achievement when purposeful play is incorporated. PPVT-4 pre/post-test data were analyzed in relation to students’ academic achievement as measured by i-Ready Diagnostic Reading pre/post-tests. Statistically significant differences were detected in students’ receptive vocabulary and reading growth by classroom condition, and a strong association between receptive vocabulary and reading performances was revealed. The findings from this study, while limited, point to a bourgeoning area of research connecting neuroscientific findings with developmentally appropriate practices to explore effective interventions to increase educational equity for vulnerable students.