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The Effect of Concept Map Format on Electrochemistry Learning: Fill-in-the-Blank Versus Map Correction

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Research suggests that learning with concept maps is effective in helping students
identify misconceptions and acquire new knowledge. In electrochemistry, where students
struggle with misconceptions and conceptual understanding, learning with concept maps may be
beneficial in supporting learning. In this study, we compared the effectiveness of two concept
map formats, fill-in-the-blanks and map correction, in improving undergraduate students’
understanding of electrochemistry. Additionally, we examined the role of prior knowledge,
interest, and familiarity on the effectiveness of learning with concept maps. Data from 98
students were analyzed. Results showed the fill-in-the-blank condition outperformed the map
correction condition. Additionally, results indicated that prior knowledge and interest were
significantly and positively related to posttest scores through map activity. Further implications
are discussed.