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Strategic Text Processing Across Mediums: A Verbal Protocol Study

Fri, April 9, 9:30 to 10:30am EDT (9:30 to 10:30am EDT), Division C, Division C - Section 1a: Literacy Poster Sessions


This study investigated whether reading informational text on a tablet versus on paper may lead to differences with respect to strategic text processing and text comprehension. Strategic text processing was measured by means of verbal protocol analysis and comprehension was measured by means of post-reading written products. Results were inconsistent with the shallowing hypothesis proposing that there are comprehension advantages for printed texts because digital texts are typically processed in a more shallow, superficial way. That is, no differences across the reading mediums with respect to strategic text processing or text comprehension were found. These results may suggest that there are boundaries to the shallowing hypothesis that are related to tasks, individual differences, and reading contexts