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An Examination of the Relationship Between STEM Identity and Postsecondary Indicators Using High School Longitudinal Study 2009

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This study examines the relationship between STEM identity in high school and postsecondary indicators to inform challenges in STEM interest, learning, and participation of underrepresented groups. Data come from HSLS:2009. Analyses determine whether differences in STEM identity exist across student populations, whether a relationship can be found between STEM identity and postsecondary indicators, and whether students with non-STEM majors possess measurable STEM identity. Results indicate significant differences in STEM identity based on personal characteristics. STEM identity is a significant predictor of postsecondary indicators, moderated by personal characteristics. STEM majors report greater levels of STEM identity, but a non-trivial percentage of non-STEM majors report moderate/high levels. This suggests a well of untapped potential may exist for filling the STEM pipeline.