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True Q-Matrix Estimation for the Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English Test Using Regularization Techniques

Thu, April 8, 1:00 to 2:00pm EDT (1:00 to 2:00pm EDT), Division D, Division D - Section 1 Roundtable Sessions


Cognitive assessment has recently gained prominence in psychological and educational measurement for assessing students’ mastery of skills. One critical issue is to correctly identify the item-attribute relationship, which is provided by the so-called Q-matrix. Previous studies with these cognitive diagnostic models assume a known Q-matrix designed by domain experts, which is not empirical but subjective. The misspecification of the Q-matrix will lead to incorrect attribute profiles so that we cannot identify students' mastery of skills. We intend to estimate the true Q-matrix based on item response data by using a probabilistic model. Furthermore, the logarithmic barrier function was chosen as the penalty function to regularize the maximum likelihood so that the results will be more accurate and robust.