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How Preservice Teachers at a Rural University Are Trained to Address English Learners

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The current study aims to investigate how preservice teachers (PSTs) (n = 12) were prepared to tackle English learners (ELs) in EL-inclusive classrooms after participating in a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) course at a rural Southeastern public university. Various instruments (e.g., observation, documentation, interview, self-reflection) were employed to triangulate multiple qualitative data sources with a supplementary quantitative data source. Salient findings include PSTs’ general positive attitudes towards EL inclusion but ambivalent attitudes to make EL specified modification in mainstream classrooms. Furthermore, novice teachers perceive direct EL-pertinent experiences as the most beneficial component of the TESOL course. Detailed exploration of these primary findings concerning training subject-area teachers in preparation of addressing ELs are extensively discussed.