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Exploring the Intersection of Forms of Oppression Unregistered Individuals Experience When Navigating the Education System

Fri, April 9, 9:30 to 10:30am EDT (9:30 to 10:30am EDT), Division L, Division L - Section 4 Roundtable Sessions


This study explores the experiences of unregistered individuals when trying to enroll in navigating the national education system. This study is part of a large project that included international agencies, national NGOs, and researchers specializing in the intersection between education and human rights. Using a qualitative methodology and inspired by interpretative phenomenological analysis, we found that unregistered individuals felt rejected by school administrators and faced multiple changes that intersected with each other. This study is significant evidence of the purpose of the 2021 AERA Conference: the importance of understanding the intersectionality of multiple forms of oppression that marginalized groups face when navigating the education system.