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Does Math Self-Concept Mediate the Effect of the Perceived Instructional Quality on Math Achievement?

Sat, April 10, 4:10 to 5:10pm EDT (4:10 to 5:10pm EDT), Division C, Division C - Section 2a: Cognitive and Motivational Processes Poster Sessions


We examined the role of students’ math self-concept as a potential mediator in the relation between students’ perceptions of instructional quality and math performance. This study used nationally representative data from the 2015 TIMSS fourth grade elementary students’ reporting of three aspects of math instructional quality (instructional clarity, cognitive activation, and supportive climate) and math self-concept. Mediational analysis revealed that students who perceived their teachers provide clear, interesting, and inviting math instruction had higher levels of math self-concept, and in turn, their higher levels of math self-concept positively influenced math performance. Implications for research on self-concept and the perceived instructional quality are discussed.