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Door of Return: A Black Woman's Journey of Remembrance

Mon, April 12, 11:10am to 12:40pm EDT (11:10am to 12:40pm EDT), SIG Sessions, SIG-Spirituality & Education Roundtable Sessions


In 2018, Ghanian president Nana Akufo-Addo announced before the U.N. that 2019 would be the Year of Return for Africans across the diaspora. Through the use of autoethnography, this paper will explore the impact that (re)turn and (re)membrance have on African American women in the academy. The autoethnographic writings will highlight my own experiences as a 2nd year PhD student in Curriculum and Instruction who had an opportunity to go to Ghana for the Year of Return in June of 2019. In analyzing the autoethnographic narratives, this paper will take up two theoretical lenses to further unpack my experiences - endarkened feminism and African centered pedagogy.
Key Words: autoethnography, Endarkened feminism, African centered pedagogy