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Preparing Teachers to Navigate Conflict When Equity Is at Stake: Teacher-Educators' Beliefs About Homework-Related Practices

Fri, April 9, 10:40 to 11:40am EDT (10:40 to 11:40am EDT), Division K, Division K - Section 5 Poster Sessions


Homework is a controversial and enduring aspect of schooling that implicates issues of equity. In this study we examined the ways in which ten teacher-educators understand and speak about their responsibilities in preparing the next generation of teachers to address homework-related challenges they are likely to face when they begin their careers, particularly in diverse school settings. These teacher- educators acknowledged the importance and necessity of preparing preservice teachers for homework-related issues. Yet, they reported no systematic actions in their own teaching and noted a lack of a central unified stance in their program to teach about homework practices that were equitable. We discuss clear implications for teacher preparation programs that aim to prepare professional, culturally-competent, and effective teachers.