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The Smartphone Addiction Scale for Children–Short Form: Bifactor Modeling and Rasch Analysis

Sat, April 10, 10:40am to 12:10pm EDT (10:40am to 12:10pm EDT), SIG Sessions, SIG-Rasch Measurement Paper and Symposium Sessions


Since 2007, when smartphones have been accepted by everyone all around the world. Regardless of its capabilities, this new technological devices have brought a new problem, smartphone addiction. This study aimed to develop a short form of the Smartphone Addiction Scale form children in Turkey by using cross-cultural norms. With 1172 middle school students, this study provided a brief form of the scale using Bifactor Modeling and ancillary indices. After creating this abbreviated form, this study validated the scale using Rasch Analysis. This new brief, quick, inexpensive, and easy-to administer test showed evidence for validity and reliability. Limitations, implications, and future studies have been discussed.