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Theorizing on the Marginalization of Boys and Girls in Caribbean Schooling

Sat, April 10, 4:10 to 5:40pm EDT (4:10 to 5:40pm EDT), SIG Sessions, SIG-Caribbean and African Studies in Education Paper and Symposium Sessions


Errol Miller’s 1986 theory of male marginalization and the masculinity-focused explanations responses by feminist scholars provides only a limited and distracting gaze into the complexity of gendered patterns in Caribbean school performance. In this paper, I review early theory, then gather evidence from selected case studies to develop a best fit synthesis framework. I refine the framework using empirical data from comparative benchmarking. I find Caribbean gendered patterns (1) to be unique, with (2) some males indeed marginalized in some schools and classrooms, leading to (3) comparatively large disparities in specific areas such as Reading; and (4) some girls are marginalized on STEM. I consider the possibility of multiple marginalizations and include intersectionality as key elements for future analyses.