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How Do Expectancies and Values Affect Interest Development?

Mon, April 12, 9:30 to 11:00am EDT (9:30 to 11:00am EDT), SIG Sessions, SIG-Motivation in Education Paper and Symposium Sessions

Session Type: Symposium


This interactive panel is designed as a forum for considering present understanding about the development of interest and its relation to expectancies and values. Panelists will draw on two of their empirical studies to (a) overview their research questions and key findings, (b) provide definitions and explanations of how they have conceptualized developing interest and motivational variables in these studies; (c) point to the links between their own work and that of the other panelists, (d) consider the implications of findings to date for theorizing developing interest and other motivational variables, and considering their application to practice, and (e) identify open questions. The panel moderator will facilitate discussion of the open questions by the panelists and the audience.

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