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Developing a Formal Assessment of Transition Skills for Students With Significant Cognitive Disabilities

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Difficulties exist when writing the transitions sections of IEPs for students with significant cognitive disabilities (SWSCD because few transition assessments have been designed for this purpose (Deardorff et al., 2020). The purpose of this study, then, was to provide evidence of the initial structure of a new assessment, the Transition Assessment and Goal Generator – Alternate (TAGG-A) for the population of SWSCD taught to alternative standards. Across two timepoints, initial analyses revealed the structure of the professional version of the TAGG-A adequately assessed professionals’ observations of the skills and behaviors of SWSCD, and this structure was confirmed with a second, independent sample. Results of this study provide evidence for the appropriateness of the structure of the TAGG-A for use with SWSCD.