Session Summary

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Promoting Inclusive Mindsets and Practices With Social and Emotional Learning

Sat, April 13, 9:35 to 11:05am, Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Floor: Level 4, Franklin 10

Session Type: Symposium


Although not all students who experience an SEL program will have a disability, all students with disabilities (SWD) will experience an SEL program. Identified SWD accounted for over 7.3 million students (approximately 15% of the US public school population). SEL is ripe to promote the explicit inclusion of SWD in the mindsets SEL promotes, the skills and strategies SEL teaches, and the ways in which SEL is implemented. This session features four presentations that articulate the opportunities for a truly inclusive SEL by offering a framework for Inclusive Mindsets, a protocol for centering SWD in SEL design, opportunities within the empirical literature to center SWD, and elevating inclusive SEL practice among families of SWD.

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