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Beyond Education: Radical Studying for Another World

Thu, October 31, 12:00 to 1:30pm, Hyatt Regency, Floor: 2, Constellation D

Session Submission Type: Symposium


In his recently published book, Author 1 suggests we de-romanticize education. Through critical genealogies, he highlights how modes of study alternative to education have been bound up with ways of imagining and making the world that are alternative to settler-colonial, racial-capitalist, hetero-patriarchal modernity. Author 1 will offer the first paper in the symposium, framing the conversation in his provocative arguments. The remaining authors will put Author 1’s book into conversation with their own work, including: a Latinx youth participatory action research (PAR) collaborative in a mid-Atlantic U.S. city; the teaching work of C.L.R. James in 1970s Washington, D.C.; conceptualizations of education and study within the recent resurgence in K12 education strikes; and across a Midwest Latinx youth participatory action research project and a curriculum development project with Hmong youth, educators, artists, and elders. The symposium aims to provoke critical discussion surrounding the role of education in creating our unjust world.

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