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Different Approaches to Rabbinics Research: Between the US and Israel

Sun, December 16, 10:00 to 11:30am, Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center, Cambridge 1

Session Submission Type: Roundtable


Discussants will address the issues listed below:

--Describe/summarize briefly the differences between US and Israel rabbinics research, as you see them.

--To what extent do you think that one school is familiar with, and positively or negatively disposed toward, the approach of the other school?

--Why do you favor your own approach over that of others?

--What flaws, if any, do you see in the approach of the other school?

--Can you comment on the entry of women into a field long dominated by yeshivah-trained men?

--Are there models of collaboration between US / Israel scholarship that speak to you?

--In light of your answers to the previous questions, how would you recommend optimizing integration between Israeli and US rabbinics scholarship?

--To what extent did your academic training involve personal or indirect scholarly contact with scholars from the other academic center? Were you satisfied by this approach, or would you recommend altering it, and if so, how?

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